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Grant-type Aid & Credit Assistance Business

Yuil participates in various medical project led by KOICA, EDCF and JICA
to promote global medical advancement.

Related Business of Grant-type Aid & Credit Assistance

After a completion of ODA project, Yuil exports medical equipment 
and consumables and conducts maintenance service.

North Korea Aid Projects

Yuil participates in an aid project to promote medical advancement 
and healthy lives in North Korea.

Government Organization Business

Yuil performs a supply, installation and matenance service to various public medical organizations such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice and Military Manpower Administration etc. 

Manufacture of Medical Equipment

"Yuil has been manufacturing and supplying Ultrasonic Cleaner to 
general hospitals for 20 years.
Since 2010, Yuil Has been developing and supplying Surgery 
Equipment & Devices."