ITEM Ultrasonic Cleaner (70L)
FEATURE - Stage Control & Check is possible by Control Touch Pannel(7 inch) during the whole process.
- Foot-switch plate is provided at the base of the unit for opening the up-down load tray.
- Possible to open the lid automatically and manually because the lid is separated with the load tray.
- The cleaner is durable because the whole body is constructed of stainless steel.
- Possible to put detergent automatically and manually during cleaning process.
- Degas function : By removing the gas from the tank, cleaning is done quickly & smoothly.
- Sweep function : By changing the ultrasonic frequency continuously, efficient cleaning is available.
- Increased cleansing effect by attaching heater.
- Safety device is attached to operate ultrasonic when it has proper water level.
- 3 cleaning mode is available to select for user or washing material.
- The door opens automatically when the whole process is finished for convenient collection.
- Controlling washing time, ultrasonic output, temperature, spray time and water level control is available.
- Convenient for moving & fixing by locking caster wheels.


Capacity : 70L

Transducer : BLT 40kHz

Ultrasonic Power : 1200Watt

Time Range : 0 ~ 60min

Heater : 800 Watt

Temperature Range : Ambient ~ 70ºC

Water Level : H, M, L

Control Panel : 7 Inch LCD touch screen

Cleaning Cycle : Pre Rinse -> Ultrasonic -> Rinse -> Air Spray

Maximum Load : 15kg

Dimension Out : 1015(W) * 710(D) 850(H) mm

Dimension In : 625(W) * 430(D) * 295(H) mm

Up-Down Load Tray : 530(W) * 370(D) mm

Tray : 510(W) * 350(D) * 100(H) mm

Material (Out/In) : SUS 304 / SUS 316

Power : 220V, 50/60Hz